Malaysian Action Thriller “The Assistant” Will Be In Cinemas March, 2022!

Sony Pictures Entertainment Malaysia is proud to announce its latest local release in collaboration with Act 2 Pictures: The Assistant.

Written, directed, and produced by industry wunderkind, Adrian Teh (PASKAL: The Movie), this film will be the first local action blockbuster to hit cinemas since the theatrical industry reopened.

This marks the first time Act 2 Pictures has joined forces with a Hollywood studio.

The action-thriller tells the story of Zafik (Iedil Dzuhrie) who was wrongfully imprisoned. After losing everything, he meets Feroz (Hairul Azreen) who seems to always show up at just the right time. As time goes on, will Zafik find out Feroz’s true motives?

The film also stars Henley Hii as Sam and Farali Khan as Sofia.

“We’re big fans of Adrian’s work and are proud to be a part of bringing this stunning, action-packed film to moviegoers across Malaysia.

"We value the role local films play in enriching the tapestry of our local film industry and starting new conversations and it is our hope that Malaysian audiences join in our enthusiasm,” said Simon Foo, Managing Director of Sony Pictures Entertainment Malaysia.

He added that 'The Assistant’ is a movie that exemplifies how a good local film should be made and is, without a doubt, a must-watch for those who enjoy a good thriller with a captivating story, great pacing, and an abundance
of action.

The Assistant is the fifth collaboration between Adrian Teh and Hairul Azreen who also collaborated on PASKAL: The Movie (2018), WIRA (2019), Pasal Kau (2020) and Ada Hantu (2021).

The Assistant will be showing in cinemas from 10th March 2022, exclusively in cinemas near you! We're stoked!