2020’s Top 10 Lunar New Year Ads On YouTube Malaysia

Every year we see festive video ads ranging from the music video concept, family values and tear jerking short stories...

Now that the Lunar New Year festivities are in full swing, it’s time to gather around with family and friends, and watch YouTube Malaysia’s selection of the ten most viewed ads celebrating the Year of The Rat.

2020’s top 10 lunar new year ads on youtube malaysia

Most viewed Lunar New Year ads on YouTube Malaysia (in descending order):

1. Watsons Malaysia “Watsons CNY 2020 - Happy Beautiful Year! 过靓年, 我最潮!”

The most DRAMATIC and EXCITING family reunion always happens at the trendiest family mansion – with 9,692,918 views!

 2. Tenaga Nasional Berhad “TNB CNY 2020 - #RealityNotVirtual”

Celebrations are best experienced in real life, with the people who matter the most – family. TNB presents #RealityNotVirtual with 6,667,956 views to-date.

3. Prudential – “Every gift becomes a blessing when you do something about it.”

Tied down with tradition and family expectations? This family takes on tradition and give it their own little twist this Chinese New Year. This ad by Prudential has 5,381,583 views.

4. Astro 本地圈 – “ASTRO 2020 贺岁主题曲 - 【好运鼠于你】MV 完整版”

 This ad from Astro 本地圈 has 4,228,787 views!

5. Mr. DIY – “MR.DIY CNY 2020 - The Gifts Unnoticed 看不见的用心”

Whether it’s a big handout or a simple kind gesture, we all have something to give. Celebrate the New Year by giving whatever we can, no matter the price. This video had 4,267,336 views.

6. Coway Malaysia – “Coway CNY 2020 : 小小期盼 – Tiny Prayer”

Start this Chinese New Year fresh! With quality water and air for your loved ones – this ad from Coway has 2,775,372 views.

 7. Hong Leong Back Malaysia – “#HLBCNY2020 – The Grown Ups’ Table”

This Chinese New Year, Ah Girl is determined to earn her place at the Grown Ups’ Table. Will she succeed? Don’t miss this ad that has since garnered 2,927,017 views.

8. GRAB – “CNY 2020: HUATever you want, Grab got!”

Master the art of Tai Chi with Little Bro! With 2,765,790 views, watch how you can Grab Huatever you need for a prosperous Chinese New Year this 2020! This ad by GRAB has garnered 2,765,834 views!

9. RHB Group – “RHB Chinese New Year 2020: Heart Baker”

Leah’s Story: The path to progress is tied to all that we hold dear in our hearts. Whenever you feel like giving up, always remember the reason why you started. This ad racked in 3,023,687 views.

 10.  S P Setia – “Setia CNY TVC 2020 | The Many Celebration.”

Traditions and celebrations have changed and evolved throughout the years. Some have been forgotten in place of new ones, some remained unchanged. However you celebrate it, celebrate it together. This ad garnered 3,403,969 views.

Which was your favourite festive ad?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat