Young Girl Bullied Online, Netizens And Celebrities Stood Up For Her!

People really do act differently online than they do in person, and sometimes can be very, very unnecessarily mean when they’re not face-to-face with you. 

One internet user, known as @sobahra on Twitter was verbally abused online during a live stream of her make-up tutorial session. 

However, another Twitter user, @Hadyna_, couldn’t stand all the negativity and made a thread of all the bad comments that Sobah had received during her live stream to show that cyberbullying is still a major problem in Malaysia.

Several Malaysian celebrities like Yuna, Que Haidar, Adibah Noor, Aizat Amdan, and HITZ announcer, Calista, too, stood up for Sobah. 

Malaysian pop star, Yuna quoted the tweet saying: “Ignoring the trolls, they don’t deserve the clout. This girl is just doing her thing, and I love it!”

While singer, Aizat Amdan, said: “Don’t worry, you’re beautiful. Let’s do a live with me!”

HITZ announcer, Calista also replied to the tweet saying: “Seriously what is wrong with people. How can one human being not feel anything, when going out of their way to hurt another human being?”

Malaysian actor, Que Haidar also quoted the tweet saying: “I am disgusted. Why are you pointing fingers towards other people’s differences? It really shows how you were raised. Our differences and appearance is not something for you to make fun of!”

Singer and actress, Adibah Noor replied to Que Haidar’s tweet saying: “Don’t be surprised that some of these bullies are young, too!”

Sobah, replying to the thread said that she didn’t mind the mean comments: “But, please remember that when you say something, it could hurt the person’s feelings, so be mindful of that. And I forgive everyone, too.”

Netizens also stood up for Sobah and told her that she shouldn’t stop her livestreams just because a few people were bullies. 

Speaking to SYOK, Hadyna said: “If you were bullied and you don’t feel confident or you feel like you’re not good enough, just know that the comments you read are just a reflection of the people who said those things to you.” 

“They don’t know you. They don’t know the real you. You are beautiful inside and out, and if you believe that, then nobody can ever convince you otherwise.”

...and we totally agree with her! Everyone is beautiful in their own way! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat