"I'll Slap You!" Woman in KL Threatens Physical Harm After Being Asked About Her River Littering

When floods hit, it's easy to blame the government, but sometimes the problem is closer – our own littering habits. 

i'll slap you! woman in kl threatens physical harm after being asked about her river litteringPhoto via TikTok (@syera.sh)

In a recent TikTok post by @syera.sh, a Malaysian woman was caught tossing trash into the river from the Pasar Seni bridge in Kuala Lumpur. Despite a polite inquiry from Syera, the woman responded with hostility, even threatening physical harm, “I’ll slap you!”

Her attempt to justify the littering by questioning if the river was alive or in pain reflects a lack of environmental awareness. 

Littering in rivers has severe consequences – it pollutes water sources, poses a threat to aquatic life, and contributes to flooding, disrupting the delicate ecological balance.

@syera.sh I was just trying to be nice and tell her not to litter 🥲 Was I wrong for telling strangers to be nice to the environment? #malaysiatiktok #foryoupage #fyp ♬ original sound - syera

As responsible individuals, let's recognize the impact of our actions. Littering not only harms nature but worsens issues like flooding. 

Avoiding river littering and promoting cleanliness is a small yet crucial step towards caring for our environment.