Woman Wastes No Time To Donate Refrigerators After Finding Out Hospital’s ICU Fridge Was Broken

Ahh, this video melts our hearts!

A video recently went viral on Instagram showing a woman, Nad Masrom, donating a refrigerator to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) after she found out that there is a broken fridge at the hospital’s milk storage room. 

In the video, Nad, who is a lactation counselor and also an entrepreneur, stated that she didn’t waste any time after hearing about the broken refrigerator at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital’s PICU.

woman wastes no time to donate refrigerators after finding out hospital’s icu fridge was brokenPhoto via Instagram (@numommalaysia)

After hearing the news, Nad and her team quickly got two brand new refrigerators and a chest freezer, and sent it straight to the hospital for storing all the breastmilk. 

If you’re a mother yourself, you’d know that it’s important to store breastmilk in the fridge or freezer so that it’s fresh and maintains its nutritional and anti-infective qualities. 

What warms netizens’ hearts is the reaction of the staff and nurses at the hospital. You can see how truly happy and relieved they are to get the new refrigerators. 

It also made us happy and excited to see the new refrigerators being installed and stocked with all the breastmilk. The old refrigerators are also seen being taken out of the room by the staff. 

“From a mother, to a mother.”

“Thanks to everyone’s support, we were able to donate refrigerators for the babies in the ICU,” she said in the caption. 

Nad added that support from other breastfeeding mothers is also important, “They already gave so much of their time and energy to feed their babies every single day, so having another parent who understands their struggles sometimes helps.”

Other women (especially mothers!) took to the comment section to commend Nad for her swift action, “This really touched me! I can’t stand knowing that a baby somewhere is going hungry.”

“I cried watching this video. Thank you for your doing this, Kak. You have no idea how important those breast milks are to the little ones,” another person commented. 


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This is so kind! Thank you for doing this for the babies, Nad!