Video Of Teenagers Dancing To Iconic "Mat Kool" Jingle While Buying Ice-Cream Went Viral

Every Malaysian knows the famous Nestle ice-cream series Mat Kool, which was made specifically for kids.

In fact, it would be a lie if a Malaysian said they have never had a Mat Kool ice-cream while growing up…

video of teenagers dancing to iconic mat kool jingle while buying ice-cream went viralPhoto via TikTok (@nasrullzainall)

Though you can still find Mat Kool ice-creams in majority of the stores in Malaysia, but nothing beats getting the your favorite ice-cream from the ice-cream man who sells them on a motorcycle and the excitement when you hear the iconic jingle “Mat Kool, Mat Kool kawanku. Syoknya ada Mat Kool!”

Does that ring a bell?

A TikTok video recently went viral where a group of teenagers were dancing to the song while buying ice-cream from the ice-cream man!

In the video you can see a group of teenage boys picking the ice-cream that they want from the ice-cream box while dancing to the beat of the Mat Kool jingle. 

Netizens took to the comments section to share their amusement, while some even said that they would start dancing too if they heard the very-familiar and nostalgic jingle. 

@nasrullzainall dj matkool rimex! #fyp #amediketu #fypシ ♬ I'm Addicted To - SUBAG GOO

The video has since garnered over 153 thousands views, over 24,000 likes and 396 comments at the time of writing.

This makes us want to get a Mat Kool ice-cream, just to relive our childhood.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat