This Malaysian-Chinese Speaks Kelantanese Fluently!

How much do you wish you could speak Malay in different dialects?

Well, these two Malaysian-Chinese definitely impressed everyone on Twitter when a video was shared of them speaking Malay with a Kelantanese dialect and a little bit of Thai fluently! 

The video was posted on Instagram by user _yuyunz_ but became viral after it was shared on Twitter by Ibnu Hishamuddin.

Many said how they were amazed at how flawlessly the Chinese girl switches from speaking in Chinese to English, Kelantanese and then Thai. 

Others also shared their experience of meeting non-Malays who speak fluent Kelantanese during their visits to Kelantan. 

The tweet has since garnered over 544 thousand views and over 45 thousand retweets!

We are impressed and lowkey jealous of how easily she could switch up her languages. There’s no doubt that she is definitely a Malaysian! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat