The Perodua Kancil - Small, But Tough

the perodua kancil - small, but toughPhoto: Facebook (Motorsports Malaysia)

The Perodua Kancil is almost obsolete now, but one man has proven that it’s still pretty damn tough.

Despite jokes of it being sold in toy stores, the little car recently travelled 1,500km from Malaysia to Laos.

According to Motorsports Malaysia, Azman Ali II bought an O.G Perodua Kancil 660 for RM1,500.

The very first Kancil was rolled out in 1994 (that’s over 25 years ago!) and was discontinued a few years ago, but is still a pretty familiar sight on the roads.

We Malaysians really do seem to love the cute bug of a car. 

Azman and his wife drove the legendary car all the way up to Northern Malaysia in the span of just two days.

Whoa, that’s an amazing achievement right there!

Imagine being able to tell their children about their Kancil and an unforgettable road trip - it’s something we would want to do, too!
the perodua kancil - small, but toughthe perodua kancil - small, but toughthe perodua kancil - small, but toughPhoto: Facebook (Hadeef Hazzeeq)

In the comment section of the original Facebook post, other Malaysians shared their experience with their own Kancils as well, with some carrying tonnes of stuff in the back with no problems, and yet another guy who shared a photo of his modified Kancil that was used to transport palm oil.

We guess size isn’t a problem! ;)

By: Celestine Foo