Netizens Praise Malaysian Customer's Honest Note for Food Feedback: "Not as Good as Before"

In today's digital age, a growing number of people are opting for online interactions, whether it's shopping for daily essentials or sharing reviews of their purchases and dining experiences.

However, a recent post on a Facebook page shed light on a refreshing approach that one individual took when providing feedback – a departure from the common practice of sharing opinions online.

netizens praise malaysian customer's honest note for food feedback: not as good as beforePhoto via Facebook (Makan Sedap)

The post featured a handwritten note left directly for the owner of an establishment, and the caption suggested that this could be a suitable option for those who are too shy to express their thoughts publicly. The note read, "Those who want to give feedback but are too shy, you can leave a note like this. Hopefully the food will get better."

In the accompanying image, the note was placed beneath a bowl filled with red broth. The customer's message conveyed their disappointment, explaining that they had visited the restaurant twice but found the taste far from what they remembered. They lamented the absence of the typical tomyam flavors – sweetness, sourness, spiciness, and the rich, fatty sensation – and expressed their sadness at the underwhelming experience.

The straightforward and candid nature of the review garnered attention and sparked discussions among netizens. Many shared their own experiences of using this direct approach and praised it as an effective way to provide feedback constructively.

One netizen commented positively on the method, saying, "It's good to do it like this too and give it to the restaurant owner personally. Hopefully, the boss can accept it with an open heart as the customer is not angry and trying to embarrass them or the staff."

Conversely, another netizen shared a personal encounter, highlighting that they had previously provided feedback directly to a restaurant owner. They recounted, "I've commented directly to the boss about what I felt was lacking, and thankfully, they took it well and thanked me."

Sapa nak tegur tapi malu-malu boleh buat surat macam ni. Harap dia masak sedap sikitlah lepas ni, tulih bukan main tara ni. Tegur sebab sayang, jangan salah faham.. Kredit : Norazida

Posted by Makan Sedap on Monday, 18 September 2023

This heartening anecdote serves as a reminder that constructive feedback, whether delivered online or in person, can play a pivotal role in the continuous improvement of businesses and services. 

It also underscores the importance of open communication between customers and business owners, fostering an environment where feedback is valued and appreciated.