Man Seeks Public Help After His Brother’s Phone Got Lost During Accident

A man is pleading with the public to return his brother’s iPhone 11 that was lost during an accident

According to Kosmo, Meor Mohammad Noriman said that he is looking for the person who took his brother’s phone that was lost in an accident in Tambun, Ipoh.

man seeks public help after his brother’s phone got lost during accidentPhoto via Facebook (Perak Today)

He also urged the public to share his story in hopes that the phone would be returned to him. 

Meor explained further that his brother is a food delivery rider who met in an accident while working, and that his brother’s phone contained photos of their late mother, who passed away in July. 

“My brother, Amirul or Am, was in an accident in Tambun while he was delivering food. I’m writing this because I am trying to find my brother’s lost iPhone 11, and for the person who took it to return it.

“For your information, we lost our mother, Siti Sariah Sayed Idun on July 10th, and all our family pictures with her are on the phone. If you found the phone and you want to keep it, go ahead, but we only want the pictures as they are extremely valuable,” he pleaded. 

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Posted by Perak Today on Sunday, August 22, 2021

Oh no! We hope they find the phone soon! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat