Man Rides Elevator for the First Time Ever and Captures Heartwarming Moment on Camera

Social media user @wahab1o1 has been gaining thousands of followers by sharing videos of his first-time experiences with simple moments in life.

man rides elevator for the first time ever and captures heartwarming moment on cameraPhoto via Instagram (@wahab1o1)

His adventures, from visiting a fast food restaurant for the first time to experiencing escalators and elevators for the first time, have brought joy and captivated thousands on the Internet.

A recent video of him taking an elevator for the first time received over seven million views on Instagram and 3.8 million views on TikTok. Wow! 

In the video, he enthusiastically describes his fascination with the elevator, saying that he rode it up and down for a good 10 minutes.

Wahab, who's seemingly from Pakistan, shared in a video that he resides in a remote area, about 3.5km away from shops.

This means that even a simple purchase, like chocolate or coffee, requires a journey of several kilometres from his home.

Wahab's videos, capturing these small yet significant moments in his life, have made a lasting impact, attracting hundreds of thousands to millions of views.

Many have praised his wholesome content, with some expressing excitement over his first-time experiences.


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So cute, and we love experiencing these first times with him!