M'sian Man Proposes to Girlfriend While Coldplay Sings 'Yellow' In KL, Crowds Cheer!

After Coldplay's incredible show in Kuala Lumpur on November 22, the magic of that night will stay in the hearts of many Malaysians. But for one special couple, the evening was a bit more magical.

m'sian man proposes to girlfriend while coldplay sings 'yellow' in kl, crowds cheer!Photo via TikTok (@suamitiffany)

Among the excited crowd at Coldplay's concert in Bukit Jalil was Kamarul Sulaiman, a Malaysian content creator. Lucky enough to be just two rows away, Kamarul witnessed a beautiful moment when a guy decided to propose to his girlfriend.

Sharing the sweet scene on his TikTok page @suamitiffany, Kamarul captured the instant when, with Coldplay's "Yellow" playing in the background, the guy got down on one knee. Everyone around pulled out their phones to capture the girlfriend's happy acceptance and the couple's warm embrace.

@suamitiffany sumpah section 202 vibe habis and congrats to the couple 💕 #ColdplayInKL #ColdplayKualaLumpur ♬ original sound - Kamarul Sulaiman

The whole atmosphere was filled with joy for the newly engaged couple, and people, including Kamarul, were praised for making this big life moment a part of the live concert experience.

One user playfully said, "Dear future boyfriend, take notes or get ready for my screams!"

And in a lovely twist, our friends at HITZ also spotted another proposal during Coldplay's concert in KL. 


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Coldplay seems to have a way of bringing people together, not just with their music but by inspiring kindness, love, and a positive outlook on life—a truly heartwarming message.