Malaysian Excited as Abang Polis Asks for Her Driver's License: 'Show It Off!'

Getting your driver's license feels amazing, especially if you've had a tough time with the test. The thought of driving around without worrying about police stops is thrilling.

malaysian excited as abang polis asks for her driver's license: 'show it off!'Photo via TikTok (@nrelshaaa)

In a recent post from @nrelshaaa, she and her friend had a run-in with the police. What makes it funny is her response. She mentioned having her license for almost a year without ever getting stopped before. In a video, they thanked the police for pulling them over, and even the officer found it amusing.

This doesn't happen often because most of us know that nervous feeling when our licenses are about to expire or if we have tinted car windows.

Netizens in the comment section also reacted to the video, "Since I got my license, I get stopped by the police every time without fail. I'm tempted to ask if I seem like someone without a license."

"Even the police officer laughed at the situation."

@nrelshaaa Bila kau nak dekat 1years dapat lesen tapi polis tak pernah mintak lesen 😂btw ni time lepak polis dtg HAHHA#xyzbca ♬ original sound - licayang

This is so funny!