M’sians Band Together To Help Wake Up Sleeping Girl Inside A Locked Car

On Sunday (April 25th), a video went viral of a group of Malaysians trying to wake up a sleeping girl in a locked car.

The video was shared by Facebook page Sukan Star TV and has since garnered over 13,000 reactions and over 4,000 comments!

Nasib baik takde pape

Posted by Sukan Star TV - sstv.my on Sunday, April 25, 2021

In the video, we can see a woman and a man knocking on the car door trying to wake up the sleeping girl. The woman can be heard screaming: “Adik, bangun adik!” while the man said: “Woi bangun lah! The car is shaking and she still refuses to wake up!” to which the woman replied that the little girl is a deep sleeper.

As the person recording the video moved further away from the car, we can see that there are a few more people standing on both sides of the car, shaking it and screaming for the little girl to wake up. 

After a few more seconds of shaking the car and screaming for her to wake up, the little girl finally woke up but still half-asleep while some men instructed her to unlock the car.

m’sians band together to help wake up sleeping girl inside a locked carPhoto via Facebook (Sukan Star TV)

Many took to the comments section to advise the public not to leave little children in the car by themselves as something like this can be very dangerous, especially when the car’s engine is turned off. 

It’s great to see Malaysians band together to help each other out, and we’re glad that the little girl is okay. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat