Lebanese Soldier Describes Nasi Lemak As “Mantap!”

Malaysia, is after all, known as the food haven. Our country is even ranked 6th by CNN among the best destinations in the world with the best food!

But no other dish in Malaysia is as famous as the nasi lemak

lebanese soldier describes nasi lemak as “mantap!”Photo via Facebook (Hasma Hassan)

Nasi lemak is a typical Southern and Central Peninsular Malaysia breakfast and is considered of Malay origin. Due to the popularity of the dish, it is even regarded as Malaysia’s national dish! 

Malaysian chef Hasma Hassan recently shared her story on Facebook - serving for Lebanese soldiers as a military chef during a peacekeeping mission. 

In the video, a soldier can be seen trying the nasi lemak with some spicy chicken rendang on the side. 

The soldier said: “I am trying some traditional Malaysian food. I’ve been introduced to the different flavours and spices that Malaysians have to offer, but because of the language barrier it’s difficult for me to pronounce its names.

“The rice is very different because it's cooked in coconut. My evaluation of this food is mantap. Mantap! Terima kasih, Malaysia,” he said.

lebanese soldier describes nasi lemak as “mantap!”Photo via Facebook (Hasma Hassan)

The 34-second video gained attention from netizens who appreciated his honest opinion of the traditional dish, and how sincere he was praising the chef’s efforts in preparing the dish. 

Our nasi lemak is finally getting the recognition it deserves. But not gonna lie, the nasi lemak he’s eating does look good! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat