Newlyweds in Kedah Receive Salt, Broom, Plunger, and More as Wedding Gifts, Amusing M’sians!

In addition to birthdays, weddings stand out as one of those special occasions where love and joy overflow, often accompanied by a shower of gifts. 

newlyweds in kedah receive salt, broom, plunger, and more as wedding gifts, amusing m’sians!Photo via TikTok (@atiesyazwani)

While we're accustomed to witnessing the usual array of hampers and fancy items, imagine the warmth of bringing something simple yet incredibly practical for the newlyweds.

Atie, a Malaysian make-up artist, recently shared a heartwarming glimpse of her wedding day on TikTok. Instead of the typical extravagant presents, the guests opted for gifts that would prove useful in the daily lives of the newly married couple.

Among the thoughtful offerings were a laundry basket, dishware racks, a broom, a mop, and even a plunger, delivered with a touch of sweetness by an adorable little girl. 

The guest presenting the broom playfully mimicked sweeping the floor, adding a delightful and humorous touch to the gesture.

These uncommon but incredibly practical gifts have undoubtedly saved the newlyweds valuable time, effort, and money. A guest even thoughtfully gave packs of salt, recognizing its essential role in the kitchen. 

@atiesyazwani Murah atau mahal hadiah tu tak penting. Usaha kalian paling mahal bagi kami 🥰🥰🥰 #hadiahkahwin ♬ Funny video "Carmen Prelude" Arranging weakness(836530) - yo suzuki(akisai)

Deep down, many of us secretly hope for gifts that enhance our shared life with a partner after the wedding…

While the journey of married life may have its challenges, it's heartening to see that Atie's family and relatives have played a role in alleviating some of the inevitable post-wedding responsibilities, making the start of this new chapter a bit more comfortable and filled with love.

Very practical! Congratulations to the happy couple!