"No Roti Canai Manoeuvre!” Abang Bomba Shares Useful Steering Handling Tips for Safety!

Before being granted the privilege to drive a car, individuals are required to attend driving classes where they learn crucial safety protocols essential for their own safety and that of other road users, aimed at reducing the risk of accidents.

no roti canai manoeuvre!” abang bomba shares useful steering handling tips for safety!Photo via TikTok (@taufiq_sparkz)

A recent viral video on social media shows a firefighter and rescuer offering invaluable advice to the public regarding proper steering wheel grip, a fundamental skill taught during driving lessons.

The recommended technique, known as the 10:2 or 3:9 position, involves positioning hands akin to the numbers on a clock.

In the video, the firefighter cautioned against using the "roti canai" manoeuvre, likened to kneading flatbread, where both hands rotate the steering wheel simultaneously.

He stressed the potential danger of this practice, especially regarding airbag deployment during emergencies, which could lead to hands colliding with the forehead.

Moreover, he highlighted the risk of placing hands at the centre of the steering wheel, underscoring the potential for finger injuries if an airbag were to deploy.

Concluding his message, the firefighter emphasised the paramount importance of prioritising safety over convenience, urging drivers to adhere to proper techniques to minimise the risk of injury.


Berhati-hati steering handling semasa memandu, ada sebab kita belajar kedudukan steering 9-3 dan jgn cross steering, sistem keselamatan boleh menjadi kemerbahayaan jika kita tak peka dgn sistem dan fungsinya...

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We learn something new every day! Thank you, Abang Bomba for sharing these invaluable safety tips!