Food Delivery Company Bans Rider Who Threw Food, Highlighting the Importance of Kindness in Service

A man recently took to social media to express his disappointment over a delivery experience with a rider from a food delivery company who mishandled his fast food order.

Asher Ashvin shared screenshots of his conversation with the delivery person, shedding light on the incident.

food delivery company bans rider who threw food, highlighting the importance of kindness in servicePhoto via Facebook (Asher Ashvin)

On June 30, 2023, Asher placed an order from a popular fast food place located at NEX. While waiting for the delivery, the rider messaged him, stating that the outlet at Potong Pasir was closer to his address.

The driver wrote, "From NEX, going to your address is too far."

The driver then described his attempt to contact the food delivery company in order to change the delivery location for Asher's order. He further complained about the congestion at the fast food place, caused by the high number of riders and customers collecting their orders.

In a subsequent message, the driver casually wrote, "Good luck waiting."

When Asher suggested canceling the order, the driver clarified that he had no problem with the pick-up address but specifically with Asher's address.

"I'm just saying that the nearest fast food place to your address is at Potong Pasir. Now I cannot cancel."

The driver explained that he was on auto-accept mode and that the jobs were assigned randomly, and it happened to be Asher's address that he received.

Upon delivery, Asher discovered his food carelessly thrown on the cabinets outside his house. The paper bag containing his order had a large hole, and another bag was lying on its side. Asher recorded a video showing the extent of the damage, with the contents of the drink spilled, fries scattered on the floor, and the bag torn and broken.

Expressing his anger in the caption, Asher shared his frustration over the incident. He stated that he felt like reprimanding the delivery person for their disrespectful treatment of the food, which was intended to be enjoyed. Unfortunately, due to the mishandling, Asher was unable to eat his meal. He concluded by suggesting that if someone dislikes their job, they should find another profession and added a derogatory remark about the delivery person.

Asher later shared that the food delivery company had contacted him to gather more details regarding the incident. In the comments, he revealed that the company had reached out to him again and apologized, escalating the issue to "their higher authority."

According to Asher, someone from the company informed him that the rider had previous complaints, and as a result, the food delivery company has banned the rider from their platform, effective from July 1, 2023.

Very very very bad experience with THIS PARTICULAR Grab Food delivery rider. Felt like smacking him for the way he...

Posted by Asher Ashvin on Thursday, 29 June 2023

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of professionalism and care in the delivery service industry. It highlights the need for delivery personnel to handle customers' orders responsibly and with respect. 

Such incidents can lead to dissatisfaction and negative experiences for customers, reflecting poorly on both the delivery service and the fast food establishment. 

The actions taken by the food delivery company in response to the incident demonstrate their commitment to addressing customer concerns and maintaining a high standard of service.