Customer Cancels Order Last Minute, Leaving Delivery Rider With Uneaten Food And Bill

Amidst the rising trend of online food ordering, restaurants have increasingly emphasised the need for a reliable and efficient online ordering system. 

However, a recent incident shared by user @MALAYSIAVIRALLL on X highlights challenges faced by restaurants due to customer behaviour.

customer cancels order last minute, leaving delivery rider with uneaten food and billPhoto via X (@MALAYSIAVIRALLL)

According to the post, a customer expressed dissatisfaction with an online food order, citing the restaurant's failure to adhere to his request to separate the gravy from his food. 

Venting frustration on the app, the customer threatened to cancel the order and criticised the restaurant's inventory management, suggesting a need for direct communication if a specific item is unavailable.

Despite the food rider confirming that the order was ready and was on the way, the customer proceeded to cancel the order. This left the delivery person with a bag full of unpaid food, further complicated by the customer's decision to pay in cash.

The outstanding bill amounted to RM90, but the customer refused to settle it and instead requested the rider's account number to transfer the money later.

Netizens chimed in on the matter in the comment section, expressing concerns about the rude behaviour towards those preparing the food. One user noted that such actions could lead to undesirable consequences, such as tampering with the food. 

Additionally, others highlighted the challenges faced by food riders when customers cancel orders at the last minute, forcing them to cover costs and report unpaid orders to customer service for refunds, a process that takes 5-7 working days.

In light of this situation, what are your thoughts on the need for more considerate behaviour from customers when placing food orders online?