“Chris Noticed!” Netizens Criticised Concertgoers for Leaving Coldplay's Show in Singapore Early!

When Coldplay initially announced the extension of their Music of the Spheres World Tour with six additional nights in Singapore, Malaysian fans were disappointed as they were only granted one night for the concert.

“chris noticed!” netizens criticised concertgoers for leaving coldplay's show in singapore early!Photo via TikTok (@nicolealano)

A TikTok user, @nicolealano, captured a moment during one of the Coldplay shows in Singapore where people were leaving early. In her video, she noted that lead singer Chris Martin seemed to acknowledge the early departures by saying, "have a safe trip home." 

The incident occurred during the performance of the song "Biutyful," featuring Coldplay's fictional alien puppet band, The Weirdos.

Although technically, people were not leaving halfway through the set, as "Biutyful" was supposed to be the last song, attendees began exiting while the band was still performing and before the show concluded.

Nicole's post garnered significant reactions from netizens, with some making fun of and criticising the concertgoers for leaving before the performance concluded. This situation is disheartening, especially considering the high demand for tickets and the limited opportunity for fans to attend the concert.


Chris noticed and said “have a safe trip home” not sure its cauze he saw people leaving 😭

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