Chinese TikToker Praise Malaysians for Non-Judgmental Attitude Towards Outfits and Appearances

In a world where confidence can be elusive, particularly when surrounded by those who appear to lead more privileged lives, one TikTok user from China has shed light on the ease of being oneself and finding confidence in Malaysia. 

According to her, Malaysians possess a unique quality of not judging others based on their appearance or attire.

The TikTok user, Bao Zi Jie, who has been residing in Malaysia for some time, acknowledges the country's multicultural nature, which celebrates diverse skin tones as a form of beauty, devoid of judgment or prejudice.

chinese tiktoker praise malaysians for non-judgmental attitude towards outfits and appearancesPhoto via Douyin (包子姐在大马)

"In Malaysia, it doesn't matter how you dress or look; no one will criticize you. If you want to wear shorts and slippers every day, go ahead," she affirms.

Bao Zi Jie further notes that in Malaysia, she has never encountered job advertisements with height or appearance requirements. She emphasizes that many Malaysians do not conform to society's notion of an ideal body size due to varying dietary plans, yet this does not hinder their self-confidence. In Malaysia, the pressure to look a certain way simply does not exist.

To Bao Zi Jie, this confidence stems from the respect Malaysians have for one another. She observes that while individuals prioritize maintaining a healthy weight through regular exercise, they refrain from imposing their lifestyle choices on others, allowing each person to live authentically.

Her experiences in Malaysia have taught her that beauty cannot be confined to a narrow definition; instead, individuals should be granted the freedom to live their lives as they wish. In her Douyin video, Bao Zi Jie concludes by reminding her followers to embrace self-acceptance.

"Disregard others' opinions and be true to yourself. Love and appreciate who you are. Your own happiness matters most."

While not everyone may exemplify the generosity she describes, there is a valuable lesson to be learned from her empowering message: the opinions of others hold little significance compared to how you perceive and value yourself.

Fellow Malaysians, do you resonate with her perspective on the matter?