V from BTS Shares His Post-Enlistment Weight Journey, Flaunting Muscular Physique to ARMYs!

V from BTS recently delighted fans with an update on his post-enlistment journey, revealing his muscular physique.

v from bts shares his post-enlistment weight journey, flaunting muscular physique to armys!Photo via Koreaboo

Before his enlistment, V humorously expressed his desire to participate in a bodybuilding competition once the members were discharged, aiming to reach a weight of 85kg.

Since joining the military in December, glimpses of V's physical transformation have been captured in photos and videos, showcasing his progress.

On April 12th, V surprised fans with another update, sharing details of his recent activities, including training, exercise routines, and even celebrating Na PD's birthday. He disclosed that he had reached a weight of 75kg.

"How's everyone doing? I'm doing well. I've been hitting the gym, staying fit, sporting my black uniform (which is quite exclusive), and engaging in some intense training sessions! 

“Lately, I've been hitting the gym hard, and I'm now weighing in at 75 kilograms. However, my fellow comrades here have impressive builds, so I'm motivated to push myself even further. I won't give up. Until next time!" 

Accompanied by the message were photos on Instagram showcasing his muscular physique. Despite his striking appearance with a short haircut, netizens couldn't help but notice V's broad frame and well-defined muscles in each snapshot.

Adding to the excitement, V also shared a post on Weverse. Despite concerns about the injuries on his back, V reassured fans with a caption that read, "Wound of glory," demonstrating his pride in the hard work he's invested and possibly indicating the effects of treatment.

V's dedication to his promise of gaining weight and building muscle before enlisting has left ARMYs emotional, as they continue to witness his remarkable progress.

We hope you’re doing well, V and we’ll see you soon!