Alamak! Man Toss Melted Cheese In Pan, Caught In Light Fixtures Instead!

In Malaysia, you could enjoy any type of cuisine you like be it Malay food, Chinese, Indian, Thai, or Japanese…

While recently, many love the Korean-style spicy chicken that you can enjoy with melted cheese. Yum! 

“skills gone wrong!” man toss melted cheese in pan, caught in light fixtures instead!Photo via TikTok (@chicken_royale)

Some of these Korean fried chicken restaurants would also put on a show where their staff would toss melted cheese around in the pan, which made the dining experience even more interesting and fun.

In a video that recently went viral, a group of diners can be seen captivated by one of the staff showing off his cheese tossing skills. 

But who would’ve thought the staff would make a mistake when attempting to demonstrate a cheese toss while serving a customer. 

The staff can be seen tossing the melted cheese up in the air, which then got caught on the light fixture. Many in the comment section were shocked but later shared their amusement.

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“Oh no, now he has to clean the lights!” said one person. 

The video has since been viewed over 3.1 million times and had received over 158.5 thousand likes. 

Oh dear, we’re glad no one got hurt by the hot cheese!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat