Abang Bomba’s Special Rescue Mission To Help Kitten Stuck In Pipeline

Firefighters are our unsung heroes that do more than just fight fires- they go above and beyond their call of duty, placing their own lives at risk to help Malaysians, including animals!

The Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia took to their Facebook page to share a rescue mission of a tiny kitten that was stuck in a pipeline.

Comel je Abg Bomba👨‍🚒🚒 dengan Meow 🐈 Khidmat kemanusiaan menyelamatkan kucing terperangkap di dalam saluran paip...

Posted by Jabatan Bomba & Penyelamat Malaysia (Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia) on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Abang Bomba looking cute with our little Meow friend here. This mission is to rescue a cat that got itself stuck in the pipelines at Block J of the PPR Pinggiran Bukit Jalil,” said the caption. 

For this special mission, the Bravo team was sent to the location with special equipments to cut through the iron pipes, “The Bravo team managed to save the little kitten by cutting the iron pipelines with our special equipment. Thank you to the public for their concern and for reporting this to us.”

abang bomba’s special rescue mission to help kitten stuck in pipelinePhoto via Facebook (Jabatan Bomba & Penyelamat Malaysia (Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia)

So, the next time you see any of our furry friends in trouble, you know who to call! Thank you Abang Bomba for helping our little friend here.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat