A Reminder For Us To Care For One Another Amidst This Political Turmoil

While we are all anxiously waiting for the latest news about the current political turmoil in the comforts of our homes, there are still those who are struggling to make ends meet.

A teacher, Syafaat Nasir, posted a story on his Twitter about his encounter with a boy he met at his school.

 “As Malaysian leaders continue with their power struggle, here’s a story we can all reflect on together,” Syafaat said.

“Earlier during training at the athletics center, a student from another school came wearing only his school pants.”

Syafaat asked the boy "Where is your track pants?"

In which the boy answered, "It's my sister's turn to wear the track pants since she has physical education. So, I wear her school pants."

He attached along a picture of the 11-year old boy in his sports shirt tucked into his school pants.

Syafaat’s tweet had received more than 20K retweet as his story touched many who can’t help but sympathize for the little boy’s fate.

Many also came forth to donate for the boy to buy his own track pants.

Syafaat thanked those who donated and added that his tweets were not meant for sympathy but rather to remind the public that while the leaders of the country are busy fighting for power and control, there are people who are in hardships and being ignored.

Syafaat later took the boy to get his own track pants, school uniform, and even socks, since he only had one pair of socks at home!


They later went to KFC to get some good ol’ plate of fried chicken, all thanks to the kind souls that donated to help ease the burden of the boy and his family.

We are so happy that the boy finally got his own track pants! We hope that the kindness and compassion received inspires others as well.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya