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Listen To This Adorable Girl Scolding People To Stay At Home!

Mar 24, 2020

If you won’t listen to the government’s orders, this adorable little girl has a message for you!

A six-year-old girl from Keningau, Sabah by the name Wanda Bell has uploaded a 3-minute 19 seconds video on her Facebook page, advising everyone to STAY AT HOME!

In the video, Amanda Wanda Bell or better known as Wanda Bell was seen scolding stubborn people who refused to follow the government orders to self-quarantine.

“Hello to all the aunties and uncles! To those of you who are on break, don’t go outside. Aren’t you scared of the coronavirus?” she said in the video before listing a bunch of things you can do at home such as sleeping and playing games!

Wanda also expressed her sympathy for hospital staff who were working day and night to serve the people.

 “Aren’t you scared of getting caught by the police when you go outside and there’s coronavirus? If you get sick, who will be in trouble? The doctors who need to treat you! They are already tired of having to do so much work”

According to the Sabahan girl, they are still people who are stubborn and that they are just not good listeners.

“People just won’t listen, they are so stubborn. When people say to stay at home, you stay at home. Do I need to speak another language for people to understand? You want me to speak like a duck? or a chicken? Only then you’ll listen?”

We definitely do not want to mess with Wanda…

"Wanda is not scolding the adults... but Wanda does not want people to get sick as they might infect Wanda and others. So, they should not roam around," she told Bernama.

Her video, which was uploaded on her Facebook page, has garnered over 29,000 views and 810 shares at press time.

Many have reacted positively to Wanda Bell’s stern yet adorable reminder, with some pointing out that even a six-year-old is smarter than ignorant adults who don’t understand directives from the authorities.

listen to this adorable girl scolding people to stay at home!

We hope everyone can listen to Wanda’s advice and JUST STAY AT HOME!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya

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