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Photos: Hand Sanitizers Doesn’t Remove Germs As Well As Soap And Water

Mar 08, 2020

Main image via Business Insider

The coronavirus is spreading fast around the world and the World Health Organization (WHO) is urging people to wash their hands as frequently as possible.

The virus spreads easily when you touch your face with your hands, and we are all advised to wash our hands 20 to 30 seconds to remove the germs to prevent just that.

Actress Kristen Bell shared a series of photos that her mom sent her showing the different stages of cleanliness under a black light.


My mom sent me the hand washing black light comparison. 30 SECONDS WITH SOAP YALL!!!

A post shared by kristen bell (@kristenanniebell) on

While it’s important to wash our hands, we don’t always have access to places with soap and water, and many of us choose to use hand sanitizers instead. But the latter doesn’t remove germs as effectively as water and soap does!

In an experiment conducted by Business Insider, after using a teaspoon of size of hand sanitizer (which is the amount that is needed to do its job properly), the germs cleared up. But what it doesn’t do it wash it away, so the bacteria stay on your hand, allowing it to resurge later.

photos: hand sanitizers doesn’t remove germs as well as soap and water

photos: hand sanitizers doesn’t remove germs as well as soap and water

Whereas after a 20 seconds wash with soap and five to 10 seconds of rinsing, the photo only shows a few germs clinging to the hand!

photos: hand sanitizers doesn’t remove germs as well as soap and water

So even though it’s hard to find a place to wash your hands with soap, try your best to do it and use hand sanitizers to temporarily remove the bacteria when you can’t wash your hands!

Do you know someone that believes hand sanitizers removes all bacteria? Share this to let them know the truth!

Stay safe and stay clean everyone!

Info via Business Insider

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