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Netizens Salute Teacher With Nebulizer For Continuing Class Despite Breathing Difficulties

Apr 21, 2022

Main image via Twitter


A teacher from Johor has been recognized all over social media for her sheer grit and dedication to continue class with a nebulizer strapped on to combat her respiratory illness.


Syaria’h Abdullah suffers from chronic asthma and had just recovered from Covid-19 but returned to class immediately after testing negative to be present for her Upper Six students.




The original video on TikTok was taken down but the 13-second clip was re-uploaded on Twitter by user @rulduff, who identified the teacher as his aunt.



Rulduff shared that his aunt wanted to continue teaching her Upper Six students because she was worried they would be left behind in their studies.


“I really salute my aunt’s dedication,” he said.


He added that Syaria’h has shown tremendous attention and support to her nieces and nephews in their studies. She has offered free tutoring sessions and even financial support when they struggled in university.




“She’s an inspiration to us all,” said rulduff.


The viral video has also caught the attention of her former students on Twitter who also commented on the teacher’s good deeds.


“Even though she didn’t teach my class, she was nice to us and even donated food to students,” as shared by one user.


Truly an embodiment of dedication, passion and love! May she have a speedy recovery to continue teaching effortlessly.


Do you have any fond memories of your teachers or mentors? Let us know in the comments down below!



Info via: MalayMail

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