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German Man Receives 90 Doses Of COVID-19 Vaccines Just So He Could Sell Fake Passes!

Apr 13, 2022

Bad idea! Don’t do this, guys!

A 60-year-old man from Germany allegedly got himself immunized against the COVID-19 virus loads of times so that he could sell forged vaccination cards with legitimate vaccine batch numbers to individuals who didn’t want to get the vaccines themselves.

german man receives 90 doses of covid-19 vaccines just so he could sell fake passes!Photo via Yahoo! News

The man, whose identity was not released in line with German privacy laws is alleged to have gotten up to 90 shots at COVID-19 vaccination centers in the eastern state of Saxony for months until police caught him earlier this month.

However, the suspect was not arrested but is being investigated for unauthorized vaccination card issuance and documents falsification. 


german man receives 90 doses of covid-19 vaccines just so he could sell fake passes!Photo via The Guardian

The man was apprehended at a vaccination center in Eilenburg, Saxony where he had returned for the second day in a row for a COVID-19 shot. He was arrested after police confiscated many blank vaccination cards from him.

In recent months, German police have conducted many raids in connection with the fabrication of vaccination cards. 

COVID-19 deniers in Germany refused to get themselves vaccinated, however, they want the benefits of the COVID-19 passports that make access to public life and many places such as restaurants, theaters, swimming pools, or workplaces much easier. 

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