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Malaysians Share How They Feel After AstraZeneca COVID-19 Jab

Feeling unwell after receiving the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine is entirely normal and to be expected, says a doctor.  

“You might have joint aches and body pain or even tenderness where the injection was given. Don’t worry all this will subside within 24 hours,” says family physician Dr Tan See Sing.  

“If you’re having persistent headaches, nausea and vomiting, difficulty in breathing or chest pain, seek medical attention immediately”, she adds.  

800-2021-05-07T093544-413.jpgPhoto via DW

Despite the controversy and fear-mongering surrounding the vaccine, slots for 268,000 doses of the vaccine were filled in just 3 hours after bookings opened on Sunday.  

While most of us are fairly familiar with the process of the vaccination, many are concerned about the side effects after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.  

We checked up on the experience of several Malaysians to get a feel of the post-vaccination experience.  

Lawyer, Lee Shih, was among the first to receive the first dose of the vaccine.  

malaysians share how they feel after astrazeneca covid-19 jabPhoto via Twitter (@iMleesh)

He had a headache and fever after taking the jab. 

malaysians share how they feel after astrazeneca covid-19 jabPhoto via Twitter (@iMleesh)

Samantha Lim, who took the jab at Universiti Malaya on May 5th, says she had slight fever and chills, body aches and headache that started in the night.   

“Nothing out of the ordinary post-vax. Body's doing its job!”, says the 35-year-old.  

She also shared about the vaccination process which she felt was seamless and efficient.  

“They had so many people staffed to aid the process; from straightforward things like herding folks through and letting the next person know when it's their turn, to having a doctor at each consultation table (Station 3).”  

“I was at station 1 (holding area) at 9:50am and left UM at 10:50am.”  

 Meanwhile, Mohd Iqbal Hakim Bin Mohd Saaudi from Kuala Lumpur tells us that he had a headache yesterday, after taking the jab but felt better after a good rest and taking some medication.  

malaysians share how they feel after astrazeneca covid-19 jab

Whether you’re taking the AstraZeneca vaccine or another vaccine, don’t forget to be to bring along your identification documents for verification and be there on time! 

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