Will The MCO Be Extended Again?

Will the Movement Control Order be extended again?

will the mco be extended again?Photo via Malay Mail

Short answer; it depends!

The Health Ministry says there are signs that we are on the way to recovery, as there have not been any big spikes in new cases recently.

This is good news, right? Well yes, but the next two weeks will be vital!

The ministry will continue to monitor the situation for the remainder of the MCO: Phase 2.

It expects the infection curve to flatten within the first or second week of April.

If there is no big jump in new cases, the ministry will meet on the 10th day to decide if the MCO needs to be extended.

In the meantime, we must do our part: Let's maintain our personal hygiene, practice social distancing and stay at home!

By: Faisal Merican