Malaysian Company Will Be The Only One To Provide Halal Meals At The 2020 Olympics

The much-awaited Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in the land of the rising sun this year. This is the time when all the world’s best athletes will be showcasing their abilities. 

According to Channel News Asia (CNA), Japan is estimating around 40 million travelers and 8 million are expected to be Muslim tourists.

malaysian company will be the only one to provide halal meals at the 2020 olympicsPhoto via The Sun Daily

There will be more than 50 Muslim countries participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and hundreds of Muslim athletes from other nations as well. 

A small local based company from Malaysia, MyChef is set to prepare ready-to-eat halal meals and snacks for the Olympics. Muslim attendees may enjoy a variety of halal meals ranging from fried rice to chicken biryani. 

“It’s a huge platform and opportunity for us,” said MyChef CEO, Ahmad Husaini Hassan. “Our intention is not to go in and out. We’ve to go in and stay for the long term.”

Malaysia is the only country that has successfully reached a halal cooperation deal with Tokyo for the upcoming Olympics! 

The Games will be a “springboard” for Malaysia to boost its halal exports which include food and cosmetics. The government is expecting to see food worth 300 million USD through the “Malaysia Street 2020” promotion. 

Malaysia Street 2020 will offer opportunities for companies to sell halal food to Japanese buyers and distributors. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat