Kuala Lumpur To Singapore Made Easier!

kuala lumpur to singapore made easier!Photo: Atom Travel

Travelling to our neighbouring country was never very difficult, but it was always a bit leceh lah. The transfers and the long hours commuting made the journey inconvenient for those with extra luggage, young children or extra needs.

Malaysia Airlines just made things a little easier though! They recently introduced a new option called shuttle fares, a choice Malaysia Airlines passengers who are travelling between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore can now opt for.

There will be three fare structures to pick from - Business Flex Shuttle, Economy Flex Shuttle and Economy Smart Shuttle.

According to Malaysia Airlines, the shuttle fares offer the following perks to travellers: flight change to an earlier flight on the same day with no penalty (something we all need!), no fees to change dates/flights, as well as a dedicated shuttle check-in counter at both KLIA and Singapore Changi Airport. Sounds like VIP treatment to us at this point!

kuala lumpur to singapore made easier!Photo: Malay Mail

They also took the liberty of adding in complimentary check-in baggage allowance of 40kg for Business Flex Shuttle, 35kg for Economy Flex Shuttle and 30kg for Economy Smart Shuttle. This means you can pack a little extra, but just don’t go overboard la.

These shuttle fares will replace the Business Flex, Economy Flex and Economy Smart fares that were formerly available, and can only be selected for direct flights between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore operated by Malaysia Airlines.

The airline company said this move is in line with the demands of business and leisure travellers who wanted more flexibility in their travel schedule for a better price.

Check out the Malaysia Airlines website for the other perks that come with the shuttle fare! 

By: Celestine Foo