California Man Blames Meteorite After House Suddenly Goes Up In Flames

Officials are looking into the possibility that a meteor caused the fire that destroyed a home in northern California on Friday night (4 November).

california man blames meteorite after house suddenly goes up in flamesPhoto via The Guardian

Just before 7:30 pm, in Nevada County, 45 miles northeast of Sacramento, firefighters were called to a fire on a cattle ranch. Around the same time, residents in the area reported seeing a bright light traveling through the sky.

Homeowner Dustin Procita told news station KCRA: "I heard a big bang then I started to smell smoke. When I stepped onto my porch, it was completely in flames."

One of Procita's dogs was saved, but another perished in the blaze.

It took about four hours for firefighters to put out the fire.

A fiery meteor that tore through the sky and struck the area appears to have been caught on camera.

NASA representatives also posted on Facebook that they were aware of a fireball that was allegedly moving over northern California at a speed of about 32,000 miles per hour.

Fireball over northern California last night just before 7:30 pm local There are numerous reports on the American...

Posted by NASA Meteor Watch on Saturday, 5 November 2022

The Los Angeles Times was informed by fire officials that it would take a few weeks before an official report on the fire's cause would be released.

Procita told KCRA that she used to watch meteor showers as a kid, “But I did not expect it to land in my yard or go through my roof,” she said.

Ahh, that must be so scary for her! But we’re glad she’s safe!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat