Four Dogs Found Dead In Perak Allegedly Due To Poison, Netizens Want Authorities To Take Action!

Four stray dogs were found unresponsive near a row of shop lots in Lahat Mines, Ipoh, allegedly due to poison. 

A video was shared by the Perak Press on Facebook on stray dogs writhing on the ground with their mouths frothing, believed to have been poisoned.

According to the post, this is not new as it has happened twice before, once in February and again in May, 2021. Over 20 dogs were brutally killed with poison in both incidents.

four dogs found dead in perak allegedly due to poison, netizens want authorities to take action!Photo via Facebook (Perak Press) 

The director of the State Veterinary Services Department (DVS) said that his department has received a report regarding the incident and has collected the carcasses to determine whether the dogs were actually poisoned. 

Many on the internet have expressed their anger, describing the act of killing dogs using poison as cruel and inhumane. Most of them said that they can’t even finish watching the video! 

We can’t believe this is actually happening! 

This is cruel and dangerous! Unauthorized poisoning of stray animals could harm other non-target animals such as birds, wildlife, and other people’s pets, as well as threaten human or environmental safety if the toxic substances end up in our water, soil, or air.

We hope that the local authorities and police treat ALL poison-related offenses with the seriousness that they deserve.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat