Does Playing in the Rain Make You Sick? Malaysian Doctor Clarifies This Traditional Belief

Dr. Kam, a Malaysian doctor and content creator, recently tackled a common belief on his TikTok @klinikbakti_k.pilah. Many Malaysian parents think that getting soaked in the rain can lead to illness.

does playing in the rain make you sick? malaysian doctor clarifies this traditional beliefPhoto via The Star

However, Dr. Kam clarified that rain itself doesn't cause fevers or colds. When our bodies get wet in cold rain, they try to stay warm by producing heat. Although this response might weaken our bodies and make us more susceptible to getting sick, rain alone isn't the direct cause of illness.

Dr. Kam pointed out that if our immune system and stamina are strong, rain won't necessarily make us sick. He advised Malaysians to be careful during the rainy season to avoid unnecessary health risks.

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Some people thanked Dr. Kam for the explanation, while others shared memories of playing in the rain during their childhood. Dr. Kam also acknowledged that people's immune systems may have changed over time.