M’sians Thank Abang Bomba For Their Swift Response In Saving Korean Paraglider Stuck In Tree!

The Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia) reported that a Korean man found himself stranded 50 meters above the ground while paragliding.

m’sians thank abang bomba for their swift response in saving korean paraglider stuck in tree!Photo via Facebook (Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia)

Operations Commander PBK II Mohamad Faizal bin Alias reported that the Sabah Fire and Rescue Department received an emergency call about the incident at 1:51 pm through the MERS999 hotline.

The incident unfolded at Bukit Kokol Menggatal in Sabah, prompting the swift response of the Fire and Rescue Department. A team of 12 personnel, equipped with an FRT vehicle, EMRS unit vehicle, and a Vigo vehicle, was dispatched from BBP Linstas.

Commander Mohamad Faizal highlighted, "With the landowner and a guide, they trekked for over 1km from the spot where the victim had taken off."

Upon reaching the location, the rescue team successfully employed a lowering system to bring down the 40-year-old man safely by 4:12 pm.

The team also administered proper treatment, and fortunately, the man sustained no injuries.

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Posted by Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia on Sunday, 28 January 2024

In response to the incident, netizens promptly flooded the comment section with expressions of appreciation, praising the efforts of the national heroes involved in the rescue mission, “Our heroes!”

We're glad that the uncle is okay! Thank you, Abang Bomba, for your swift response to the situation!