AirAsia X Warns Of Scammers Using Brand Name On Social Media

airasia x warns of scammers using brand name on social media

If you’ve received a WhatsApp message from AirAsia X, be aware that it might not be them!

AirAsia X has warned the public against a scam involving a message via WhatsApp claiming to represent AirAsia X Berhad or its affiliates, asking the receiver to make a payment  into an account allegedly belonging to a credit management company.

In an official statement, it advised the public to disregard the message and not to share any confidential information with anyone through any messages or phone calls they receive claiming to be AirAsia X Berhad.

The company insisted that it doesn’t engage with its guests on any form of messenger applications such as WhatsApp, and that any official announcements are made via airasia group’s official channels on social media and in the mass media.

It added that AirAsia X and airasia will not be held accountable for any claims arising from schemes in which it and any of its authorised officers and employees have no involvement.

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by Kyle Roshen Jacob