You Can't Eat This Nasi Lemak

you canPhoto: Asics

Fragrant, wholesome and delicious - that’s what the nasi lemak is. Imagine wearing that on your feet.

ASICS Malaysia is collaborating with retail store Hundred% and SneakerLAH to release a GEL-Kayano 5 model with a design inspired by our national food.

The brightly coloured details on the shoes represent the unity and various cultures of our nation. Decked out in green, yellow, red and white, the shoes really do look like a wholesome meal.

The shoes garnered quite a bit of attention, with many saying how proud they were of the fact that our very own nasi lemak became an inspiration. At the same time, there were others that disliked the design. However, taste is subjective and what appears nice to some may not appear the same to someone else.

Would you get a pair for yourself?

By: Celestine Foo