Looking For Your First Rental Place? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

looking for your first rental place? here’s everything you need to know

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Moving out of your family home and into your own place is a big deal, especially if you’re moving far away. Be it for uni or work, there’s nothing like finally having your own space.

But like everything else in adulthood, you need to learn a bunch of new things and you don’t have mum or dad to hold your hand through it all anymore.

So, you’re looking to rent a place but wanna do it right? Check out these tips:

#1 Location, location, location!

The area that you are planning to rent from is important because you need to look at the convenience of staying there. If you rely heavily on public transportation, you’ll need to ensure it’s close to a train station or bus stop, or perhaps you can choose to rent near where you study or work.

Also, try to look for a home that has supermarkets, mini marts and eateries nearby, so you don’t need to go far just to get daily essentials. Lastly, check if you have stable internet connection and mobile phone reception in the area.

#2 Find out rules set by the landlord before you rent!

Check with the owner what are the tenancy do’s and don’ts and see if it fits your lifestyle. Certain landlords don’t allow cooking or having pets, for instance. If you like either one, the place might not suit your needs.

This is especially important if you’re renting just a room and living with the landlord themselves because things might get weird if y’all start having disagreements.

#3 What do you actually need to do during a unit viewing?

Besides checking out the view and whether you like the vibe of the unit, you should also hone in on all the little things. Take note of the simple yet important stuff like whether the toilet can be flushed or not, are the door locks working, are the electrical appliances functioning, etc.

If you’re getting a furnished place, check on the condition of the furniture too, such as whether the cupboard doors or drawers can be opened and closed properly, if the bed is steady or shaky, if the mattresses and couches are clean or dirty, and more.

If there is any issue, you can just say ‘thank you, next’. If you do want that unit, make sure you tell the landlord immediately and see if they are willing to fix those issues BEFORE you sign that tenancy agreement.

#4 Sign👏🏻That👏🏻Tenancy👏🏻Agreement👏🏻!

Yeah, contracts are binding, you love your freedom and all, but it’s important for you to cover your own behind in these situations. See, the problem is, there are no laws protecting people who are renting so this document is the only way you can make sure you have something in black and white to back you up if anything happens.

Before you sign the agreement, please read through it carefully, especially those prepared by lawyers because they might contain fine prints. Dedicate some time to really reading and understanding them or consult your own lawyer. Most importantly, don’t sign it if you’re not happy with any of the conditions.

#5 What are security deposit, stamping fees and all these other fees?!

Yes, besides paying rent every month, there are other fees you might need to pay too.

They are:

Security deposit—a lumpsum of money, usually two to three months’ worth of rent, to ensure if there are damages incurred, late or lack of rent payment, the landlord has this money to make up for it. Usually, when you move out, you will get your security deposit back if there are no issues.

Stamping fee—there’s a small amount you need to pay to LHDN called stamping fee, though it’s quite minimal. Check this handy stamping fee calculator if you can’t math to save your life.

Legal administration fee—this is a one-time fee you need to pay your lawyer for creating that tenancy agreement and it’s between 20% to 50% of your monthly rent.

Additional charges—check with your landlord whether the electricity, water, parking, internet and other bills are part of your rent or if you need to pay separately.

“OMG! I don’t think I can afford to rent with all these extra charges!”

Don’t worry lah!

Check out SPEEDHOME, an online property platform which connects landlords and tenants to rent directly. You could even get a new home as quick as 12 hours!

The easy-and-safe-to-use platform is femes for allowing tenants to rent a home with ZERO DEPOSIT and other cool benefits such as:

  • A strict equality policy at SPEEDHOME where tenants will NOT be discriminated based on their race or ethnicity.
  • There are STRICT eligibility checks so there’s no cheating the zero-deposit system.
  • Deal everything directly through the SPEEDHOME website or app and they will take care of the whole rental process till the tenancy ends.

looking for your first rental place? here’s everything you need to know


Sounds like a fair deal, right? Then head over to SPEEDHOME.com now to find your dream home! Or you can visit their FB page for more deets.