UNIQLO Steps Up Local Sustainability Efforts For a Better Malaysia

Explaining UNIQLO’s standpoint on sustainability, Yuki Yamada, CEO of UNIQLO Malaysia & Singapore said: “Our world is facing severe problems in the form of climate change, resource depletion, human rights and refugee issues and widening global income inequality.

uniqlo steps up local sustainability efforts for a better malaysia

"As one of the leading global apparel companies, we see it as our duty to proactively respond to society’s needs and help resolve pressing environmental and social issues. While we grow our business, we must ensure it progresses in tandem with sustainability.”

Speaking at a media briefing, Evelyn Tan, Sustainability Director at UNIQLO Malaysia said: “For more than 20 years, UNIQLO and its parent company Fast Retailing have been on a path to sustainability, and have taken a strong stand in making the world a better place with the Power of Clothing”.

uniqlo steps up local sustainability efforts for a better malaysia

uniqlo steps up local sustainability efforts for a better malaysia

According to her, the company’s sustainability targets and action plan were established based on extending its LifeWear concept.

“UNIQLO is synonymous with LifeWear, a concept that describes our business of providing everyday clothing with an emphasis on quality, design and price for people around the world to help improve their lives. Driven by our intent to transit to a new business model that encompasses both sustainability and business growth, we want to do more with the clothing we produce besides delivering its intrinsic values to our customers.

"So, we need to ensure it meets the definition of “good clothing” from the standpoint of the environment, people and society,” she said.

With the goal of creating a better Malaysia together with Malaysians for the future, UNIQLO Malaysia will continue to take steps to protect and reduce its burden on the natural environment, address societal challenges by providing more sustainable support, and further its corporate D&I practices.