Tips To Remember This “Balik Kampung” Weekend!

For some of us, this coming weekend is the first time after a very long time that we will be able to return to our hometowns, or even enjoy a quick holiday! As excited as we may be, it’s always important to remember these tips, especially if it’s going to be a long journey. Here’s a checklist before you start your road trip!

1. Service Your Car

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It’s vital to ensure your car is in tip-top condition during the drive to avoid any unnecessary breakdowns along the way. You can do this by sending your car to a service centre to ensure your engine, brakes, and essential parts are ready and good to go. 

2. Plan Your Journey

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Use Google Maps or Waze and plan your drive, so that you don’t miss your exits. Also, it can also help you out with finding toll-free routes and less congested roads!

3. Top Up Your Touch ‘n Go Card And Petrol 

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With interstate travel now allowed, petrol stations along highways are bound to get crowded. Top up your Touch ‘N Go card and fill up your petrol tank before hitting the road to avoid long queues. 

4. Take Care Of Yourself!

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Driving for a long period of time tends to take a toll on your body and mind. To avoid any potential drowsiness, pack snacks and get a cup of coffee to help you stay alert on your long journey. In addition, you can check out our article on how to avoid zoning out while driving, a.k.a highway hypnosis.

5. Stuck In A Jam? Tell Us!

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Heavy traffic this coming weekend seems to be inevitable, especially on the usual main roads and highways leaving the KL city centre. If you end up stuck in a jam, don’t hesitate to reach out to Astro Radio Traffic! Send a picture with a report to their Whatsapp number, 0165297777 and you might get featured on their Facebook Live Updates on Saturday (16 Oct) at 11am & 4pm, and on Tuesday (19 Oct) at 12pm & 5pm!

6. Listen To Our Syok Podcasts!

tips to remember this “balik kampung” weekend!

Bored of listening to the same songs on the radio? Don’t worry, you can download the Syok app and enjoy hours of podcasts, guaranteed to entertain you on your road trip!

7. Keep Track Of This Weekend’s Traffic Jams

tips to remember this “balik kampung” weekend!

Last but not least, make sure to follow Astro Radio Traffic on Twitter and Facebook for the latest traffic updates!

We hope you reach your destinations safely and enjoy your weekend!

By: Amy Shariffudin