Eliminate Clutter In Your Home With These Simple Steps!

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Do you have that one ‘store room’ or a place where you just stash all your unnecessary items, or perhaps the things that you thought you’ll check out some time later… but they’re just collecting dust? 

Well, it’s not good for you in the long run because not only is cleaning it going to be a tough one, but also seeing so much clutter will affect your mood as well. 

Here are some simple steps to eliminate physical clutter in your house. 

eliminate clutter in your home with these simple steps! Image via The New York Times

1.TRASH the trash

Make it a habit to go through your things and clear them every now and then. Expired cosmetics, broken gadgets that you will “one day” fix, random paper collections… just throw them away! 

We all know we’re not going to look at them. 

2. Recycle

Giving actually brings joy. So, try it maybe? If you have clothes that do not fit, shoes that you never wear anymore, old furniture that’s still in good condition or anything at all that you’re no longer using… donate them or sell them online. 

3. Separate your closet

Try separating work clothes from home clothes and ‘party’ clothes. This way, you can actually observe just how many of them you’re really wearing. Also, messy closets are overwhelming. So, if you separate your clothes, you will have lesser grumpy mornings not trying to rummage through the pile of clothes. 

4. Avoid impulsive purchases (or try to at least)

Before you buy something just because it looks pretty, or you think you may need it in the future, think about the present. Ask yourself, “Do I need it right now?” 

If your answer is ‘no’, then it’s best not to buy it. If you’re buying something to replace an old item, make sure you get rid of that old item. This way, you can make more space for newer items. 

5. Make it a habit to clear every day

Just before you go to bed, make it a habit to do light cleaning. Just check, look around your room or your house to see if there’s any trash to be emptied, clothes to be washed, old papers that need to be thrown out. 

When you do a little cleaning every day, you will not be swamped with major spring cleaning and you will not have to tire yourself out. 

Simply put, with less clutter, life’s made better. 

eliminate clutter in your home with these simple steps!Image via Inc Magazine

By: Piravina Ragunathan

Info via VeryWellMind