Any Day Is A Good Day To Celebrate Teachers!

any day is a good day to celebrate teachers!Main image via Freepik

No matter how much you deny it, there’s at least one teacher that has made you who you are today. 

There are so many reasons to celebrate them, here are a few for you! 

1. They inspire us 

We may have hated school, but we all have at least one teacher who made it bearable. Teachers inspire us in many ways even when they’re not teaching. If you learned to be more confident by just watching your favourite teacher presenting herself, that’s an inspiration right there. 

2. They’re patient and have big hearts

It’s not easy to handle a group of kids all alone, plus when they all come with different personalities. Teachers really take time to understand each of their students and are patient enough to make them understand something. How many of us can do that all day long? 

3. They see potential in their students 

Not all students are book smart and teachers see that even if parents don’t. They recognise our strengths and weaknesses. They see potential in each of their students, even if they don’t score well in examinations. 

4. They’re creative

It’s not easy to make a lesson interesting and if you have at least one teacher like that, you should thank them for it. Teachers put in so much effort and time into making sure we enjoy learning. 

5. They nurture us

We spend most time at home, school and later college. These are the vital years of character development and in most of these phases, there’s a teacher. They teach us values like kindness, patience, compassion and more. 



Many can say that their jobs are the best, but let’s not forget there was a teacher behind their success today. 

So, do we need more reasons to celebrate teachers? Wait no more! If you’d like to give a token of appreciation to your teacher who has sacrificed their time for you, nominate them for McDonald’s 5th Anugerah Guru Insipirasi (AGI)! Yes, it’s back. You can nominate them at

any day is a good day to celebrate teachers!

25 selected teachers will be receiving cash worth RM 5,000 while the ones who nominated them would receive RM 200 as a token of appreciation. 

Make the coming Teacher’s Day a more meaningful one for your teachers! 


By Piravina Ragunathan