5 Things You Can Do This National Day Weekend

Even though there won’t be the usual grand National Day Parade this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the occasion in other ways.

In conjunction with this long National Day weekend, here are 5 things you can do to make your weekend a meaningful one!

1. Decorate your surroundings with the Jalur Gemilang

5 things you can do this national day weekendPhoto via facebook.com/mylanohaus

What’s the best way to show everyone you love your country other than to decorate your environment with our national flag!

Display the flag around your house, on your  vehicles, and if you want to go the extra mile, incorporate it into your wardrobe! You can even spread the patriotic joy by posting pictures of your Jalur Gemilang decoon social media.

2. Sing along to your favourite National Day tunes

5 things you can do this national day weekendPhoto via adibrawi.wordpress.com

One of the most loved traditions of National Day among Malaysians is to sing along to the upbeat and catchy tunes dedicated to the special day, namely Jalur Gemilang, Keranamu Malaysia and Warisan.

Not only will the songsget you pumped up, the lyrics also carry a very meaningful message that helps us appreciate the sacrifices made by those gone before us, to achieve independence for our country. 

3. Keep in touch with your loved ones

5 things you can do this national day weekendPhoto via artvoice.com

Long weekends are usually an opportunity for most of us to reconnect with loved ones. While it may seem difficult to do so in times like these, that doesn’t mean all connections should come to a halt.

Thanks to technology, you’ll be able to hang out with your family and friends through phone calls and video conferences, all in the comfort of your own room!

4. Binge-watch National Day specials

5 things you can do this national day weekendPhoto via https://www.nunesmagician.com/

If you plan on staying in this weekend, don’t worry! As National Day is approaching, many documentaries and programmes related to this special day will start airing to get Malaysians in the patriotic mood.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with a myriad of shows in the next few days. Social media is also a great way to enjoy and share short, entertaining videos celebrating National Day.

5. Participate in National Day activities and programmes

5 things you can do this national day weekendPhoto via redchili21.my

Malaysians are currently not encouraged to go out and about amid the pandemic. This means, if you plan to visit historical landmarks, you need to strictly follow COVID-19 SOPs. However, if you prefer to stay safe indoors, there are many activities and programmes we can participate in.

Show your love for the country through the arts, by taking part in activities like the Merdeka Poetry Competition and the Klik@Merdeka 2020 Photography Competition.

Other programmes include Merdeka@Komuniti, Rukun Negara Webinar and e-Treasure Hunt (specify what treasure hunt this is).

No matter the circumstances, nothing should get in between Malaysians and their love for their country. Have an amazing weekend, stay safe, and Happy National Day!

By: Amy Shariffudin