M’sian Woman Quits RM3.7K Job To Work At Convenience Store, Prioritising Her Mental Well-Being

It’s okay to take a step back to take care of yourself! 

Taking care of your mental health is equally as important as sustaining a job. In fact, prioritising your well-being can have a significant positive impact on your work and productivity. 

If your workplace has become a nightmare for you, it is a cue to start making decisions and find out what is best for you.

In the Klang Valley, it can be tough to survive on only the minimum wage, and many people are still struggling with a monthly wage of RM3,000 given the number of commitments. 

m’sian woman quits rm3.7k job to work at convenience store, prioritising her mental well-beingPhoto via iStock

However, a Malaysian woman recently decided to bid farewell to her RM3,700 job in the project management field and welcome her new job as a convenience store assistant. Her new job only earns her RM1,500, but to her, the grass is greener because her mental health has seen major improvements since she left her previous job.

In a post on Malaysianpaygap's Instagram page, the 35-year-old woman shared that her previous job had her on call 24/7, which meant working on public holidays too. 

"People would look for you all the time, and all projects were on a tight deadline," she shared. 

After realising her mental health was at stake, she quit the job and landed herself in her current job, which pays less than half of what she used to earn. Despite this, she does not see it as an issue and, in fact, she is happier. One of the things that excites her is how close her workplace is to home - just a 2-minute walking distance to the convenience store just below her apartment.

"My salary is much less, but I'm feeling better mentally and somehow, physically," she admitted. She no longer needs to worry about getting constant calls from clients about deadlines. Ironically, she saves a lot with her current pay. 

"Once my shift is over, it's over. I cook more at home now to save money. Even with a significantly lesser salary, I managed to live within my means," she shared.

It is not always easy to take a pay cut and downsize in life, but the woman's experience shows us that it may be worth it for the sake of our mental well-being. 

Choosing to prioritise mental health over a high salary is a decision that many Malaysians can consider. The importance of happiness and mental well-being is often overlooked, but it should not be. Our mental health is something that affects all aspects of our lives, including our work performance and productivity. It is essential to recognize when we need to take a step back and prioritise our well-being.

For Malaysians struggling with mental health issues, there are resources available, such as counselling services and mental health support groups. 

It is essential to take advantage of these resources and seek help when needed. 

Additionally, companies can also do their part in creating a positive work environment that supports the mental health of their employees. By prioritising mental health, we can all work towards a healthier and happier society.