M’sian Woman Finds New Hope and Gratitude After Receiving Free Prosthetic Leg Following Amputation

A heartwarming tale unfolds as a 29-year-old woman from Jerantut, Pahang, expresses her profound gratitude to the local prosthetic leg manufacturer, Kedidi Kaki Palsu, for fitting her with a free prosthetic leg last month.

m’sian woman finds new hope and gratitude after receiving free prosthetic leg following amputationPhoto via TikTok (@kedidi_kakipalsu)

In a touching video that has touched the hearts of millions, the woman, known as Puan Muslihah, beams with happiness and hope. "Thank you so much, I feel really happy and hopeful," she says as she walks with the aid of a four-point walker and her new prosthetic leg.

Muslihah's journey took a difficult turn in May 2021 when, at just 27 years old, she had to undergo a leg amputation. She narrates her story from a wheelchair, recounting how she discovered her elevated blood sugar levels when she was selected for the National Service Training Programme (PLKN). "I went for a check-up at the clinic, and the doctor didn't allow me to proceed with PLKN," she recalls.

She soon found herself on a regimen of medications for diabetes, but her blood sugar levels remained unresponsive month after month, leading to insulin injections. Muslihah candidly attributes her diabetes to excessive junk food consumption and a family history of the condition.

This heartwarming video was shared on TikTok by Kedidi Kaki Palsu themselves. The social enterprise is renowned for crafting custom-made prosthetics and giving them to those in need.

Kedidi Kaki Palsu frequently shares stories of underprivileged amputees they have assisted on TikTok. Their mission extends beyond providing prosthetics, aiming to raise awareness about diabetes and the disabilities it can lead to.

@kedidi_kakipalsu Puan Muslihah umur 29 potong kaki dah 2 tahun.Semoga kaki palsu tajaan #prubsnprihatin ini dapat membantu beliau.Amin #misibantuankakipalsu #mobilityislife #kedidikakipalsu #kakipalsupercuma #pahang ♬ original sound - kedidikakipalsu

The organization proudly states that since 2018, they have aided over 500 asnaf amputees through their 'Mobility For Life' program in collaboration with PruBSN Prihatin. 

This heartwarming gesture exemplifies the power of compassion and community support in changing lives for the better!