Netizens Praise Abang Polis After His Heartwarming Talk With Students About Embracing Unity Went Viral

Azmilcombat, a police officer and influencer, has consistently championed messages of unity and solidarity through his school speeches. With millions of views on TikTok, his recent address at SMK Tanjong Rambutan highlights the importance of teaching respect and inclusivity from a young age.

netizens praise abang polis after his heartwarming talk with students about embracing unity went viralPhoto via TikTok (@azmilcombat)

During his talk, Azmilcombat urges students not to let racism divide them. Instead, he encourages them to come together regardless of their racial or religious backgrounds, especially during meal times.

"When you eat at the canteen, mix it up!"

He emphasizes his wish for Malaysians of all races to share tables at the canteen, transcending the usual practice of segregating by ethnicity.

"I don't want Malays to eat only with Malays. Chinese should not only sit with Chinese. Indians should not only stick with Indians."

Azmilcombat goes on to express his affinity for different cultures, highlighting that he enjoys watching Tamil films and singing Chinese songs. He playfully emphasizes unity through the phrase "Wo men bu yin yang, wo men bu yin yang!" which translates to "We're not divided, we're not divided!"

In a world where divisive forces sometimes exploit our differences, it's heartening to witness individuals like Azmilcombat actively fostering unity from an early age. Amid the divisive rhetoric often propagated by politicians and authorities, his efforts stand as a beacon of hope.

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It's essential to recognize the significance of instilling values like respect and inclusivity during childhood. Here's why teaching kids young about respect matters:

Foundation for Life: Values learned in childhood tend to shape an individual's character and behavior throughout their life.

Positive Relationships: Teaching respect early helps kids build healthy relationships with peers and adults, fostering understanding and empathy.

Social Harmony: A society founded on respect for diverse backgrounds is more likely to achieve social cohesion and harmony.

Counteracting Bias: Early education about respect challenges stereotypes and biases, leading to a more open-minded and inclusive future generation

Empowering Change: Children who grow up with a strong sense of respect are more likely to challenge discrimination and work towards a fairer world.

Azmilcombat's efforts serve as an inspiring example of the positive impact that early education about respect and unity can have. 

By planting these seeds in the minds of young individuals, we pave the way for a more inclusive and harmonious society. Let's hope that more individuals, like Azmil, continue to make a meaningful difference in shaping the values of our future generations.