The Splendor of Malaysian Culture: Actress Nabila Huda Showcases Traditional Attire in New York

The vibrant and rich culture of Malaysia is a source of pride for its people, reflecting in various aspects of their lives. 

From the tantalizing flavors of Malaysian cuisine to the mesmerizing beats of traditional music and dance, one cannot overlook the striking impact of attire in showcasing the beauty of Malaysian culture.

the splendor of malaysian culture: actress nabila huda showcases traditional attire in new yorkPhoto via Instagram (@kupu_kupu)

Nabila Huda, an acclaimed Malaysian actress and host, has been a prominent figure in the local entertainment industry for several years. Renowned for her roles in movies like "M4M4" (2020) and "Munafik" (2016), Nabila is also the eldest child of Malaysian rockstar and performer, Datuk Amy Search.

While she has already established herself as a notable personality in Malaysia, her recent adventure during a trip to New York City has captured the attention of many Malaysians online, thanks to her bold fashion choices.

On April 29, Nabila took to her Instagram page to announce her plan to wear 30 kebayas in 30 days throughout the month of May while exploring New York City.

In an Instagram Reel, she excitedly shared that she had received 30 kebayas of various styles from the Malaysian clothing brand, Royal Kebaya.

"For 30 days, I will be wearing 30 kebayas. Don't worry, I will take care of everything, I promise!" she exclaimed in the reel.

In addition to the traditional attire, Nabila meticulously packed multiple accessories and pairs of shoes to match each kebaya. She showcased her neatly arranged accessories, organized into zip bags.

In a subsequent post, Nabila expressed her immense pride in Malaysian culture and her desire to bring it to the streets of New York.

"Why would I want to dress like a New Yorker when we should be proud of our traditional costume? We should embrace our culture, our batik. That's why I chose kebayas for my travelogue this time. I can guarantee that it will be stunning to walk around Times Square," she passionately wrote in the caption.

She shared the first kebaya she wore in New York on May 2, showcasing her commitment to preserving the traditional style. However, Nabila added her own touch to the outfits, pairing kebayas with pants and boots in some combinations, and even layering with throw-overs in others.

On the final day of her kebaya series, Nabila revealed that her trip to New York was for filming an upcoming cooking show titled "Makan Sana Sini New York." Although details about the show remain under wraps for now, she mentioned that some final shots are still pending before wrapping up production.


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A post shared by Nabila Huda (@kupu_kupu)


A post shared by Nabila Huda (@kupu_kupu)

Taking a moment to visit the iconic Statue of Liberty, Nabila struck a pose beside the magnificent landmark, symbolizing the end of her remarkable kebaya-wearing streak on May 31.

Through her unique fashion choices and proud display of Malaysian culture, Nabila Huda has not only captivated the hearts of Malaysians but has also showcased the splendor and allure of Malaysian heritage to the world.