Selfless Family Sacrifices The Day’s Income to Help Bomba in Locating Kepala Air Victims In Terengganu

In a beautiful display of compassion, a heartwarming story emerged from Malaysia, where a local family selflessly decided to close their food stall to assist the search and rescue (SAR) team in finding missing individuals involved in a kepala air (water column) incident at Jeram Air Putih, Terengganu.

selfless family sacrifices the day’s income to help bomba in locating kepala air victims in terengganuPhoto via Berita Harian

Norazira Abdul Hadi, a 26-year-old with her three siblings and their mother, made a remarkable sacrifice by dedicating their time and forgoing their income for the day to lend a helping hand to the SAR operation. However, their generosity did not end there. They also went above and beyond by providing food and drinks to the SAR team members.

Norazira shared her family's initiative to camp at the riverbank, tirelessly aiding the authorities and the families of the victims by keeping a watchful eye for any signs of the missing individuals in the water.

"When I first heard about this incident, it struck a chord within me, compelling us to set up camp here and scan the area for any unusual objects. Yesterday, we spotted an object and immediately reported it to the fire department for further action," Norazira recounted, filled with surprise at their own dedication.

She added, "Although we couldn't approach the object ourselves, we found satisfaction in knowing that we could assist the rescue team."

Norhasimah, Norazira's older sister at 33 years of age, revealed that their commitment led them to stay at the location from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

"For a week now, we have been here, returning only to our home in Kampung Batu 14, a mere 3 kilometers from the riverbank, to eat and pray. We may not personally know the victims, but we empathize with their plight and put ourselves in their shoes," Norhasimah expressed with deep empathy.

selfless family sacrifices the day’s income to help bomba in locating kepala air victims in terengganuPhoto via Utusan

The Director of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) Terengganu, Hassan As'ari Omar, expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards all those who assisted the SAR team, including the invaluable contributions made by the compassionate individuals involved in the operation.

"I was profoundly moved by the unwavering spirit of the Terengganu people, particularly the villagers residing in this area, who, in unison with the SAR team, diligently scoured the river for any floating objects," Hassan As'ari Omar shared, his voice filled with admiration.

This heartwarming incident showcases the remarkable solidarity and compassion of the people of Terengganu, who exemplify the true essence of unity and support, especially when their fellow Malaysians are in desperate need of assistance.

Their selflessness serves as a powerful reminder that even strangers can come together as a family, embodying the true spirit of humanity.